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2007 Superior Hardwoods fishing tournament

The fourth annual Superior Hardwoods fishing tournament at the Punta Colorada was the largest turnout yet. We departed on May 18th for the Cabo airport. As usual the vans were waiting to take us to the Punta Colorada. Of course we stopped along the way to pick up some refreshments for the hour and a half drive to the Punta. For the first time we were the only guests at the Punta. We settled into our rooms and then up to the bar.

Dave was the master of ceremonies as usual. We voted as to the size of the Marlin that he caught on a fishing trip earlier in the year. We quickly realized that the captains of the boats we use greatly exaggerate the size of Marlins we catch. With guesses that went over 900 pounds most were shocked to find out that the Marlin that was at least as tall as Dave actually weighed in at only 236 pounds. Using that as a guide we suspect that we can safely divide the Captain's estimated weight in half to get a truer weight of the Marlins we have caught. That sure makes it easier to understand how the captain and a deck hand can pull a Marlin weighing 160 pounds out of the water so quickly.  The next challenge we had was to predict whether John from Great Garage would finally catch a Marlin this year. We voted and at the end of the trip one entry from the correct answer would pulled for a quick cash reward. Name tags a T-shirts were handed out and it was back to the bar to wait for dinner.

Saturday we awoke early to catch breakfast at 6:00am and be at the dock at 7:00am. Of course this was Mexico time so it was really 5:00am and 6:00am Arizona time. There were over 20 boats waiting to take us fishing. After loading ourselves and the coolers with our refreshments and lunch we were under way. A quick stop at a boat to pick up bait fish for the day we were off. This turned out to be a slow day. The Tuna were too far off to make a run at them. The Marlin were all around but they just did not want to bite. Some went out for the first catch of the day and caught a few Rooster fish but most of us trolled around drank and took naps. Something about the droll of the diesel motor combined with the rocking of the waves is conducive for falling asleep. There were a few Marlins caught along with some Tuna, the previously mentioned Rooster, a couple of Dorado and even a Wahoo or two were brought in. All bill fish and Rooster fish that were caught were released after a few pictures. We headed back to the dock around 3:00pm. The largest catch of the day was another boat as the propeller shaft broke and they needed a tow back. Dinner was served at 7:30 as it is every night at the Punta Colorada. Then most of us sat around the bar and watched the Phoenix Suns get knocked out of the playoffs, again.

Sunday was a repeat of Saturday but with much better results. About half the boats decided to go for the Rooster fish in the morning and then troll for Marlin, Dorado etc. There was a Sailfish caught along with another Wahoo or two. One boat caught and released four Marlin and in general the results were much better than the previous day. We all gathered back at the Punta at 4:30 for the presentation of the check for this year's charity, the East Cape Care Clinic. There was a good size pile of items brought down by the participants to donate to the Clinic. Char who runs the Clinic seemed very impressed with what was brought and she received more donations from the group. Dave again played MC and gave out the awards for the tournament. John did catch a Marlin and Jay won $500 for having faith in John or just guessing correctly. Of course Dave did a great job as usual and Jeff did his part. Char from East Cape stated that she had been to many fishing tournament award ceremonies and that Dave performance was among the best she had seen (and that was after she already had the check). When the ceremonies were completed most resumed their positions at the bar, of course with event being held next to the bar many never left. Another Punta meal and it was time for poker. The game went on late into the night and I have no idea who won.

Monday it was time for the group to head home. For most this meant getting up early for breakfast and then catch a van to the airport. A few remained to deliver the donations to the clinic and to see first hand what it was that the donations were supporting. It was another great trip and I think every one that came was happy that they could make the rip. Please take a look at the charity page for pictures of the clinic and to learn how you can donate

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