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2006 Superior Hardwoods

3rd annual fishing tournament

    For most of the group the trip started with a delay. We sat in the plane for about 45 minutes while America West tried unsuccessfully to repair a broken air conditioner. We were then taken off the plane and after a surprisingly short delay we were loaded on to a different plane and the trip was on. You would think this might be an omen of things to come but it was not. The trip was great and the group was as well.
    We arrived at the Punta Colorada Thursday afternoon and got settled into our rooms. There has been some remodeling going on and they are doing a wonderful job. After getting settled Dave and Jeff (the owners of Superior Hardwoods) gave us all the information on the tournament including the rules and prize money. The number one rule is that all bill fish must be released or they will not count in the tournament. That is not only the desires of Dave and Jeff but it is also requested by the owner of the Punta Colorada. Other fish such as Tuna and Dorado can be kept. For a price the staff at the Punta Colorada will fillet and vacuum pack your fish so that you can bring it back with you. After covering the rules and handing out T shirts, pens and Superior fishing lures the group reformed at the bar and waited for dinner. After dinner we watched the Clippers defeat the Suns in game 6.
    Friday morning breakfast was served at 6:00 am (that is 5:00am Arizona time) and then it was on to fishing. There were 29 people and 10 boats so the average was three per boat. For the most part the boats headed south towards Cabo. I was fortunate to get the only fish from our boat of the day. My catch was latter referred to as a baby Marlin but I prefer to accept Captain Edgar's opinion that it was over 100 pounds. The fight was all of about five to seven minutes and apparently this baby had not yet learned to jump as he never once left the water. Many other boats had better luck then we did and as we returned to dock there were more than one boat displaying two Marlin and their release flags. After we returned I broke out the laptop and downloaded as many pictures as I could from the day's fishing.
    Saturday was another beautiful day starting with a spectacular sunrise. Most of the boats headed north about thirty five miles. There was quite a traffic jam of boats in this area but judging from the number of fish caught there was good reason for all of the boats. We started off with a huge sailfish that according to our crew was the second largest caught at the Punta. Next came two Dorado, one male and while that one was being fought a female bit on a second line. Both were very nice sized Dorado and became part of dinner that night. Our boat finished off the day with a quick stop to try for some rooster fish. We caught two within fifteen minutes than we had to get back to the dock. I downloaded some more pictures and then it was time for the award ceremony.  In all the group caught 36 Marlin, 6 Dorado, 1 Sailfish and 2 Rooster Fish. Quite a successful trip.
    Sunday it was off to the airport to check out all of the sunburned and hung over tourists from Cabo, well that and to catch the flight back to Phoenix and beyond. It was a great trip with great success fishing and a good time had by all

Thanks Superior (and Jeff and Dave)

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