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The Adventures

Little Buddy

Introducing little buddy.

Little buddy is new to the Superior Hardwoods fishing trip. As a newbie he was looking for someone to show him the ropes and to take care of him. You see despite his tough guy appearance little buddy needs some help. His gold chain maybe the first clue but the chest hair and the "MOM" tattoo leave no doubt. Some people may think little buddy needs help because he has no arms but little buddy can do almost anything you and I can do, he just does it differently. The truth is little buddy was picked on throughout high school. He often found himself locked inside his locker and when the "cool guys" in school needed a patsy they knew they could turn to little buddy.

So here is how Little Buddy came into the lives of the attendees of the 2008 Superior Hardwoods fishing tournament. This year everyone attending the tournament received a name tag. The name tags were drawn from a box and after receiving a name tag you would blindly draw the next tag. The last tag drawn would receive $100 and they would be given the honor of taking care of little buddy. This means taking little buddy everywhere they went. Little buddy would have to be there for every meal and of course he would go fishing and play poker just like the rest of the guys.



Tim from Arrowhead Custom was the winner of the first ever Little Buddy award. Tim did a great job and was like a big brother to Little Buddy. He brought Little Buddy to that night's dinner and even made a special carrying sling from his name tag lanyard. Tim took Little Buddy to breakfast on Saturday and then fishing. When Little Buddy was used as a hand towel to remove fish slime by one of the attendees Tim was quick to clean Little Buddy up and reassure him that no one would hurt him anymore. That night at dinner there was Tim with his Little Buddy. At the big poker tournament that night again there was Tim and right by his side was Little Buddy. Everything was going great and Little Buddy felt like he had found not just a big buddy in Tim but he felt like just maybe he had found a home.

But latter that night trouble would rear it's ugly head and Little Buddy would begin to wonder about what was is store for him. It started innocently enough, something about a wet towel left on a bed. All Little Buddy knew was that there was a threat to throw him in the ocean and the next thing he knew he was alone. Little Buddy found himself on a table on the balcony outside. Fortunately it was a nice night and after some time spent worrying about his big buddy Tim, Little Buddy drifted off to sleep. When Little Buddy awoke.........

The adventures of Little Buddy continue here

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